How to enter the Identity Federation ?

Legal entities – educational organizations of higher education, scientific organizations and organizations of additional professional education are eligible to become a Member of KIF Identity Federation and are allowed to operate as a Home Organization, and also as a Service Provider.

Legal entities – other organizations that carry out their activities in the interests of educational and scientific organizations are allowed to become a Member of KIF Identity Federation in the role of Service Provider.

Legal entities are able to join or leave the Federation by applying to the Federation Operator. Participation to the Federation requires the agreement with this Federation Policy and compliance with the terms and conditions presented herein that arise from it.

The procedure for Accession the Policy.

  1. In order to become a Federation Member, an organization applies for membership in the Federation by agreeing to be bound by the Federation Policy in written by an official representative of the organization the Terms of Service Agreement (Appendix 1. of the Federation Policy).
  2. Each applicant for membership shall fill out an Application Form (Appendix 2. of the Federation Policy), indicating in what role (with what role of the Participant) it joins the Federation.
  3. The applicant at its own expense and on its own computer resources deploys the software under the requirements of the Technology Profile in accordance with the role of the Participant specified in the Application Form.
  4. After undergoing of the software verification procedure, the Applicant Organization signs the Terms of Service Agreement together with the Authority as the treaty parties, including this Federation Policy.